Policies and Statutory Documents

Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust provides a core set of policies across the Trust. Individual governing bodies focus their time and energy on the priorities of teaching and learning.  Statutory policies approved by the Trust board can be viewed via the links below.

Beyond these key policies the governing body of each school is responsible for its own individual policies to ensure each school has its own individual character and represents the priorities of its community.

The trustees of Yorkshire Causeway Schools Trust are reviewing policies across the Trust. During this time, each Academy will adhere to their existing policies which can be seen on their individual websites or by asking at the school office.

Statutory Documents

Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Trust Policies

Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Published 01.03.2015 (Due for Review 01.03.2018 )

These conditions apply to all orders for the purchase of goods by the Academy from any supplier.

FOI Publication Scheme
Published 28.03.2017 (Due for Review 28.03.2018 )

The Trust has produced a Publication Scheme of Information that is available under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and it conforms to the model scheme for schools and academies approved by the Information Commissioner.

FOI Publication Scheme Appendix 
Published 28.03.2017 (Due for Review 28.03.2018 )

To be referred to in conjunction with FOI Publication Scheme

FOI Charging Policy
Published 28.03.2017 (Due for Review 28.03.2018 )

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR) give rights of public access to information held by public authorities. This charging policy is a guide to the fees the Trust charges for responding to a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act).

Governor and Trustees Remuneration and Allowances Policy
Published 28.03.2017 (Due for Review 28.03.2018 )

The role of Trustee and Governor is voluntary and is not remunerated. The duties of governors and trustees are varied and this policy outlines how governor allowances are paid in order to support them as they carry out their duties in school.

Information Policy
Published 01.01.2017  (Due for Review 01.01.2018)

Requests for information, records management, security and access to information and use of email and internet. Applies to any recorded information that is held by the Trust and its schools, or on their behalf, in any form, whether manual or electronic.

Complaints Policy
Published 24.05.2017  (Due for Review 24.05.2018)

If parents or carers have occasion to express concern or make a complaint, this document outlines the procedure to be followed.

Pay Policy
Published 17.10.2017 (Due for Review 31.08.2018)

This policy will assist the Trust Board and school Local Governing Bodies (LGB) in managing pay and grading issues within Trust schools in a fair and transparent manner, whilst having due regard to the constraints exercised by the annual budget allocation.

Charging and Remissions Policy
Published 28.11.2017
(Due for Review 28.11.2018)

The 1996 Education Act requires all schools to have a policy on charging and remissions for school activities, which will be kept under regular review. This document provides more information about what schools may request.